Choosing the right attorney to represent you may be the most important decision you make concerning the legal issues you are facing. 

Attorney James Sherron has been successfully assisting individuals and families in Butler, Warren, Preble and surrounding counties across southwest Ohio since 1986. He is a lifelong area resident and knows what's going on in the courtroom and in your community.

James Sherron is an experienced litigator, with nearly thirty years of courtroom experience and having served as a prosecutor in Butler County for fifteen years as well as for  the cities of Hamilton and Trenton. He knows what is expected by  Judges and has served as acting Judge and Magistrate in the cities of Middletown and Trenton over the past ten years.

Many cases cannot be resolved without the necessity of litigation. However, most people do not desire the cost and turmoil of litigation, unless absolutely necessary. Many cases and issues can often be resolved with effective communication and forceful  negotiation. James Sherron will always seek settlement where it is possible, but only when it is in the best interest of the client and only when the client thoroughly understands the issues and any settlement terms. 

Effective communication with clients is a critical component of satisfactory legal representation. With the assistance of Rhonda Marcum, legal secretary for James since 1988 and Jennifer Sandlin, his paralegal since 2005, our office will service all your legal needs effectively. 

 If you have a family law issue, have been charged with a crime, wish to do your estate planning, need to address estate/probate matters, or if you or a loved one has been injured, call James Sherron for a consultation. It may be your best decision regarding your legal issue.  

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